ColdBlood Paintball Masks

Posted: July 18, 2013
ColdBlood Paintball Masks
$70 - $295
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ColdBloodArt. Damn. If I did art, even it were no more than friendship bracelets and construction paper airplanes, that's definitely what I would call it. Fortunately for the Thailand-based company that actually assumed the name, the "art"--industrial, apocalyptic, and/or demonic-looking paintball masks--reflects its title. Maybe a little too accurately.

ColdBloodArt's master designer and mask-maker calls himself "Bomb", and displays an online gallery of dozens of menacing and sickly fascinating face shields available for paintballers, or just regular ballers, to purchase. Some of them even have pretty sweet individual monikers. White Flame. The Tank. Helmet Burn. Nasty Spit. Uh.... Again, some of them.

Three layers of fiberglass comprise standard ColdBloodArt masks, resulting in a flexible fit that the company maintains is still strong enough to withstand high impact. For gradated price increases, Bomb will also produce masks in the buyer's choice of sturdier materials, including Kevlar, carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, and a steel-Kevlar mix. Removable mask lenses default to Polycarbonate, with an option for subbing in steel mesh (though the latter is less safe). Other features:

  • Built-in air flow at the nose and lens areas to help preclude fogging. Air is directed away at the mask's overleaf during exhalation. Lenses may still fog if used for an extended period of time.
  • A 6-point buckle strap and Velcro patching.
  • By request, a padded ear strap.
  • Removable interior Velcro padding for face comfort.
  • Masks vary in size, but are general 8" x 10".

One more note: as evidenced by the above video, masks will protect precious visages from balls of paint, but not balls of lead. So don't be putting one on and asking your friend Cornelius to shoot you in the face with a .45 Colt.

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