Daggerfish Handreels for Backpack Fishing

Posted: August 03, 2022
Daggerfish Handreels for Backpack Fishing
$45 - $75
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Fishing. Now that's another skill I don't have and would...not be inclined to learn. Don't get me wrong, these Daggerfish Handreels for backpack fishing look like great designs, and will definitely keep an angler's trekking load light, plus fit neatly into preppers' survival kits. I'm not knocking or downplaying them in any way. It's just, looking at a nifty handcrafted fishing kit that combines a rod, reel, and tackle box into a 6" tube with a coupla corks on the ends reminds me I have no clue how to use it.

And fishing requires so much sitting around (which I'm very good at) and patience (not so good at) and possibly getting really hot or really cold (prefer controlled environments) and touching live, squirming fish (shiver.)

But just because Daggerfish Handreels for backpack fishing are not a product I need doesn't mean I'm not a generous enough dude to show them to all the backpack fishermen / ladies out there, along with those seeking gifts for such people, as a product you might.

Daggerfish Handreels have no moving parts, and are made for handline fishing. You'll tie on a lure, cast out by hand, and then reel back in the same way. Kits include 30 yards of 8-lb premium monofilament fishing line, a lead-free tackle kit, and a wooden hand reel with 3.8 cubic inches of built-in storage space. Choose from Handreels made from sugar maple or black walnut wood.

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