DIY Ping-Pong Guns

Posted: February 23, 2022
DIY Ping-Pong Guns
$4 - $5
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Ping!... Pong! ... Pop! Right in the kisser, Cornelius, courtesy of my new Ping-Pong Gun. My new Ping-Pong Gun that I milled, all by myself on a CNC machine, from Andriy Goroshko's vector plan drawings.

Haha, yeah, I know, Cornelius. The only thing I could mill on a CNC machine is a hand with 3 fingers. My own.

Through his Etsy shop, Wooden Arm, Goroshko sells instant downloads of the files you'll need to build an array of plywood blasters whose preferred ammo is the bullet of table tennis. The Ping-Pong Guns come with dxf format drawings for laser and milling CNC machines, plus a PDF of Goroshko's step-by-step assembly guide. His Ping-Pong Guns use 6mm plywood, but if you prefer to use a different thickness (between 5.5mm and 6.5mm) he can modify the CNC files to suit you.

DIY Ping-Pong Gun assembly also requires springs, rubber bands, and wood glue.

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