Gel Blaster - Bursting-Gel-Ball-Shooting Toy Blaster

Posted: March 07, 2021
Gel Blaster - Bursting-Gel-Ball-Shooting Toy Blaster
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Its makers say the Gel Blaster, a toy blaster that shoots eco-friendly, water-filled gel balls, is fun for ages 12 and up. With an emphasis, if the above photo is any indication, on the and up.

The Gel Blaster's pellets, called "Gellets," aren't just safe for shooters, targets, and the environment. And they don't just fire from the blaster up to 100 feet at a rate of 150 feet per second. And they aren't just available in electric blue and Gatorade orange so you can designate and clearly delineate battle squads. Gellets' shining - or rather, splattering - feature is that they burst upon impact. They say it doesn't hurt, or stain, or make a mess. But it does make a nice thwap! and a squirt! wherever it hits.

Gel Blasters are battery-operated, and rechargeable. Each pack comes with 2 gravity fed hoppers that hold 700 Gellets apiece, a red dot sight, a mini flashlight for night play, accessory rails, safety goggles, and a pack of 3,000 Gellets.

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