Giant Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler

Posted: June 08, 2022
Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler
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Your kid in a boxing fight versus a giant kangaroo. Now that sounds like a losing battle. BigMouth Toys has even given their kangaroo - Kangaroo Jack - a pair of boxing gloves and the ability to shoot a 360-degree spinning sprinkler in his opponents' faces, further ensuring the match will be unfair.

Though also hilarious.

And, sure, Kangaroo Jack won't so much be throwing punches from his 5' frame as he will ducking and bobbing around his weighted, bounce-back base. Maybe little Carter or Parker or Cooper will get a few good Tyson-level right hooks in there himself. And when it comes to Kangaroo Jack vs. Karen Jr., I know my money won't be on the inflatable sprinkler.

The Giant Boxing Kangaroo Sprinkler connects to any standard garden hose and has a water soaker in his head, and sprayers in each boxing glove.

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