Posted: May 09, 2014
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Urban mobility. I hear that term a lot now since almost anyone who lives in a city of over 500,000 people spends half their lives sitting in traffic not being urbanly mobile. The Halfbike, a kind of bicycle-meets-elliptical-machine personal transporter, recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign launched to help address this issue. It combines the pedaling of cycling with the natural stance and motion of running to expedite movement around cities. Created by architectural firm Kolelinia, the light and compact Halfbike can be used during short commutes, plus carried onboard public transit for longer trips. It is also small enough to bring on an elevator and light enough to carry up and down stairs.

Kolelinia calls the Halfbike stride "bike-jogging", and says it mimics low-impact running for those looking to Half it for recreation and exercise. Inclined parties can probably figure out how to make the bike the star of three-wheeled tricks and YouTube fails too.

The learning curve for mastering the Halfbike is comparable to that of a standard two-wheeled bike. So depending on how that went for you...good luck. Kolelinia recommends finding an open space with smooth pavement to practice.

Halfbike is a Dude Gift for Teens pick.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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