Honda Motocompacto

Posted: September 20, 2023
Honda Motocompacto
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What do you get when you combine a toaster, an external hard drive, and a 1990s Kodak camera? Nothing. But add some wheels, handlebars, and a seat, and voila! You've got Honda's new Motocompacto all-electric scooter!

The Motocompacto is a nod to Honda's early-80s folding microscooter, the Motocompo. Like its predecessor, the Motocompacto is easy to pack into a compact brick that fits in your car and stores in small spaces. Its folded dimensions are 3.7" wide x 21.1" tall x 29.2" long. At just 41.3 pounds, it's also fairly easy to lug the scooter up a few steps, and bring it with you onto public transport.

But unlike the Motocompo, the Motocompacto is an e-scooter, running on a rechargeable battery with a zero-emission range of 12 miles, and a max speed of 15 mph. The Motocompacto recharges in around 3-1/2 hours using a standard 110v outlet.

Also unlike the Motocompo, Honda has made the Motocompacto available not just in Japan, but also at your local Honda and Acura dealers.

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