Latitude S1 Snow Helmet with Built-In Comm System

Posted: November 01, 2022
Latitude S1 Snow Helmet with Built-In Comm System
$159 - $214.99
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Sena's Latitude S1 Snow Helmet pairs safety with safety...or the pleasure of shooting the shit with your friends on the slopes, depending on how you view and use the Bluetooth comm system built into the helmet's protective ABS shell.

Latitude S1 intercom technology consists of speakers and a mic built into the helmet ear pads, and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity to up to 3 other Sena Bluetooth headsets over a 1km / 0.6mi range without cell phone / data connections. A jog dial on the left ear pad operates the intercom, and is made for easy manipulation while wearing even the thickest of gloves.

Those who want to listen to playlists, hear GPS cues, or take calls (put it away and enjoy the scenery, jackass!) while on the slopes and trails can also connect the Latitude S1 to their phones and access basic controls directly from the helmet.

For noggin protection, Sena combines the Latitude S1's ABS shell with an EPS liner, and the helmet is certified for safety in both the US and Europe. Comfort features include an adjustable airflow system, interior mesh liner and black velvet padding for warmth, and integrated goggle retention hardware.

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