OpenBike Open-Source DIY Plywood Bicycle

Posted: May 10, 2022
OpenBike Open-Source DIY Plywood Bicycle

Who likes urban cycling? Who likes commuting to work in no traffic on a bicycle rather than in jammed traffic in a car? Who likes building things with their own two hands? Who likes open-source designs? Most of all, Who! Likes! Splinters?!

You like it, you want it, you got, one and all, with OpenBike, a series of open-source DIY plywood bicycles.

OpenBike is the design baby of Spanish architecture studio Arquimana. Founders Inaki Albistur and Raquel Ares developed it to encourage people to focus on the environmental impact of riding rather than driving, and using sustainable, affordable materials. OpenBike further supports its ethos by not trying to be a cash cow for Arquimana, but an accessible bicycle with open-source, downloadable plans for anyone willing to put the elbow grease into building one.

At printing, Arquimana had developed 4 OpenBike models, Rev1, Rev2, Rev3, and Rev4, each having some upgrade or tweak over the last. All models have their own aesthetic, though Rev1 and Rev2 shore more similarities with each other, as do Rev3 and Rev4.

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