Paintball Airow Gun

Posted: February 21, 2013
Paintball Airow Gun
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To those who call paintball "just a game," prepare to have your pieholes slapped shut by the barrel of a .68-cal Bow-mount Airow Gun. The pellet blaster attaches to a compound or recurve bow and swaps out CO2 cartridges for human-generated draw power to fire paintballs up to 280 feet per second. Accurately if you take the time to learn basic archery skills. (If not, be sure you have enough cash to buy that lady a new Puggle.)

Airow Guns measure 28-1/2" long and fire .68-caliber paintballs via air-push technology. The 280 fps stat presumes use with a 50-pound bow at a 28" draw, though the apparatus can mount to bows up to 70 pounds. In reviewing the video demo, I'm not sure what would be worse: getting hit with a paintball fired from the Airow, or trying to hit someone with a paintball fired from the Airow, and failing due to the fact that drawing it seems to require a level of lat and trap strength 75% of those wishing to to use the gun probably do not have.

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