PARKIS Effortless Bicycle Lift

Posted: January 03, 2017
$254 - $317
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How effortless is it to PARKIS your bicycle? Here's a GIF. Looks like sliding the front wheel onto an elevator and sending 'er to the penthouse. Glide the cab back down to dismount. PARKIS says the process is so simple that even the elderly and pregnant women can use it. The elderly and pregnant women? Sweeeeet! Those are my favorite people to ask to put away my bike.

More important that its ease of use, PARKIS promotes its vertical bike storage design as a major space saver in garages and apartments, on balconies and decks, and even in public places. It minimizes the floor footprint not only of a single bike, but also of a whole row of them if you have several--something overhead or fully wall-mounted storage can make difficult.

PARKIS construction is entirely mechanical, and requires no electricity. It should fit all bicycles with:

  • Tire width from 1.5" to 2.0".
  • Wheel diameter of 24" or more.
  • Mud flap ends positioned above the wheel axis.

The PARKIS itself requires 67" of vertical space for mounting, plus 10" of width and 6" of floor depth. It comes in Original Yellow and Luxury Metallic colors, and at printing was available for pre-order, with deliveries anticipated to begin in April 2017.

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