Ping Pong Door

Posted: April 20, 2021
Ping Pong Door
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Ping Pong Door designer, Tobias Fraenzel, must have torn up his mama's house as much as I did playing as a kid, because as an adult he is very focused on creating household goods and furniture that are inherently sporting and interactive. Items you should play with and around, as opposed to those you're going to break, ruin, destroy, or get dirty if you have any sort of fun near them.

We previously saw Fraenzel's Boxing Couch, a sofa whose backrest unfolds into a boxing bag. He also has some wallpaper with an elaborate street art design, digitally printed in black-and-white so you can color it in after hanging it.

The Ping Pong Door might be my favorite, though. As you can see, it's an interior door with a grass green center panel that folds down to create a ping pong table. The door is custom built to fit your frame, and can probably be made in whatever colors you like. The downside: despite the childhood whimsy and nostalgia Fraenzel's Ping Pong Door and other designs carry, their price tags are anything but childish. You'll definitely need to be a grown ass dude or lady, with a very well paying job, to afford one. Which means you'll probably also be too worried about breaking, ruining, destroying, or getting the Ping Pong Door dirty to use it as intended.

Wamp, wamp.

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