Portable Swing

Posted: May 14, 2019
Portable Swing
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When life gives you lemons...haul out your Portable Swing and strap it up to the nearest tree or lamppost. Nothing relieves stress and cures the blues like a little spontaneous to and fro'. Plus, think of all those times you've been camping at a lake, hiking up a mountain, walking down a city street at rush hour, and thought, "Damn, what I wouldn't give to go for a swing right now." 1 x Pole of Any Type + 1 x Portable Swing = Wish Granted.

Designed by Thor ter Kulve, the Portable Swing makes easy work of setting up some good times anywhere you go. Even if it's no farther than your backyard. Or your bedroom. The mobile swing consists of a red steel triangle that affixes to a stable stanchion with tension straps. A pair of ropes with a simple wood platform dangle from the triangle, making the Portable Swing a classic piece of childhood fun from the neck down, and a clever reinvention of its installation process and limitations from the neck up.

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