Reflex Golf Push Cart

Posted: April 24, 2016
Reflex Golf Push Cart
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Too fit to ride in the motorized greens-mobile? Too thrifty to hire a caddy? Sun Mountain has created a nice series of in-betweens with their contemporary golf push carts. The company's latest manual 4-wheeler is the Reflex, a foldable cart they say stands out for its lickety-split E-Z Latch open / close mechanism, and small (51 cubic inches) folded footprint. The Reflex also weighs just 17 pounds.

Open, the Reflex push cart has a wide wheel base for stability both while pushing your clubs and while locked in place on undulating course terrain. An adjustable-height handle base terminates with a pair of 180-degree adjustable grips, and a center accessory console with padded trays, a ball rack, score card holder, and cup holder.

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