Speedy the Hamster Reflective Bike Spoke Accessory

Posted: March 26, 2019
Speedy the Hamster Reflective Bike Spoke Accessory
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The animals gathered to discussed how best to help the humans. Eyes rolled as the whales spooned, teeth clenched as the hedgehog grated, and then. Then the hamster spoke.

You're welcome.

Speedy the Hamster is a glittery bike spoke accessory new from the whimsical minds of kitchen & lifestyle brand OTOTO. The peppy little rodent attaches to one of your wheel rods to add personality and flair as you ride. His sparkling bottom half reflects light, drawing the attention of drivers and passersby so they know you're a pimp on 2 wheels. And also a presence on 2 wheels, next to, in front of, or behind them. Speedy the Hamster is here to help keep cyclists safe too.

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