Steppix PRO Portable Breaking Mat

Posted: July 12, 2023
Steppix PRO Portable Breaking Mat
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Oh, what, b-boys and b-girls, cardboard isn't good enough anymore? You're gonna buy a Steppix PRO Portable Breaking Mat, and have it shipped in an Amazon box that itself would be perfectly suitable and portable enough to do your breakin' on the go?

Well, that's OK, I guess. I bought a titanium beer mug and a drill attachment that mixes up the separated contents of my peanut butter jars, so who am I to judge people who want the finer things in life?

Co-designed with world champion b-boy Menno Van Gorp, Steppix PRO Portable Breaking Mats are made of PVC, with a smooth gliding surface on top, and stable, non-slip bottom. They are 77" square, about 0.1" thick, and weigh 14 pounds each. Choose from 2 designs, a subtle Midnight with swirling white lines and a bright blue center accent, or a geometric grid of bright colors, appropriately called Colorful.

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