T-Rex Foam Dart Gun

Posted: September 21, 2021
T-Rex Foam Dart Gun
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Usually T-Rex is all about shoving things into his mouth, but here in T-Rex Foam Dart Gun form he takes a turn at spewing them out. His resultant destruction and turmoil remain the same. Nice shot, T-Rex! You hit my mama's neighbor's fat cat, Willard, right in the keister!

The T-Rex toy gun comes with 26 standard foam darts that load into the dinosaur's mouth, cock with the twist of his tail, and then fire right back out with a pull of his leg. Ha! A pull of his leg! Who'da thought T-Rex would be a good sport about having his leg pulled?

The T-Rex Foam Dart Gun also has LED eyes and Rrraaawwwrrr-ing sound effects. In addition to the darts and dino, it comes with an ammo bracelet and 3 shooting targets, because when you give a T-Rex Foam Dart gun as a gift to your kids, they probably shouldn't use it to blast neighbors' cats in the ass.

Maybe your wife in a pair of Corgi Butt Leggings...but only with her permission.

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