Thundrblade Electric Inline Skates

Posted: May 18, 2018

Now I was never so good at Rollerblading even when my wheels weren't under the power of two 1000W motors, so I know what I think about Thundrblade electric inline skates: medical disaster.

But what about you? Do you play roller hockey or ride the rails and skate parks on 8 wheels instead of 4? Are you one of those dudes I still see rocking out and blading backwards on my neighborhood's Greenway Trail? Maybe you'd like to increase the output of your skates. Put the wheels to the pavement to the tune of 25MPH. Thundrblades aren't for me, but maybe they're for you.

In its basic form, Thundrblade is a frame system, with all of the electronics, batteries, and motors housed between its wheels. This enables you to use Thundrblades with your existing skate boots - they're compatible with UFS and SSM 165mm. Or you can purchase the full Thundrblade package, which includes carbon fiber skate boots Thundrblade collaborated with Common Fibers to produce, and wear the e-skates right out-of-the-box.

In addition to their battery-powered motors, Thundrblades also have regenerative brakes, which help steady your speed on long and steep downhills. The brakes do double duty recharging the skates' batteries during use. To further control them, you'll have a wireless remote stick for forward motion, acceleration, braking, and reverse.

Additional Thundrblade features include: LED wheels for better visibility and safety at night; a set of off-road tires; and the ability to skate normally if you don't always feel like turning your Rollerblades up to 11.

You can pledge for your Thundrblade frame only, or full e-skate set here on IndieGoGo.

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