VFO - Frisbee with Mounted Camera

Posted: July 04, 2017
VFO - Frisbee with Mounted Camera
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The VFO - that's Video Flying Object - is a frisbee with a 720p HD video camera mounted to the top. At 30 frames per second, the camera will record your disc's takeoffs, flights, and catches, giving you an FPV perspective of your ultimate skills and tricks.

The VFO camera records video only, so you won't hear the whir! of your spinning frisbee, but the 160-gram rugged disc and water-resistant device housing are sturdy enough to let loose at the beach or lake, as well as the park. The camera itself also spins separately from the disc for an even trippier point of view during its flight.

An included 8GB microSD card stores footage, and a Micro USB-to-USB cable enables quick downloads of Video Flying Object highlights.

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