Vurtego V4 Pro - Air-Powered Adult Pogo Stick

Posted: January 24, 2023
Vurtego V4 Pro - Air-Powered Adult Pogo Stick
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The Vurtego V4 Pro is one of the few kinds of bouncy, bouncy this dude would never touch. First of all, the air-powered adult pogo stick is designed with an 11+-foot vertical, and as Blood, Sweat & Tears kindly reminds us: What goes up must come down. Likely hard. And for me, likely not on the skinny air-powered pogo post I'm supposed to. Even just hopping around on the V4 Pro's low end of a couple of inches...even just trying to hop onto the V4 Pro itself would probably twist my ankle, throw my back out, strain a muscle in my pec, and ding my ulnar nerve so hard I lose feeling in my pinky finger for a month.

And second of all, a $500 pogo stick?! I could buy so many safer sporting goods that are just as cool for that amount. Like a stand up paddleboard. Or an Assled.

But if you're a grown-ass dude or lady, and you have the need, the need for pogo, look no further than the Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick. Self-described as "the most advanced pogo stick ever created," in addition to jumping super high and super low, V4 Pro pogoers can also set a specific jump height using the stick's air pressure setting. So too does adjusting the air pressure allow anyone 75 pounds and up to use the V4 Pro, as pushing a higher psi creates a stiffer, more powerful spring that can accommodate heavier jumpers, and vice versa.

The V4 Pro Pogo Stick was made with pogo air tricks in mind, and of course pogo air tricks are a thing. With their V4 Pro, Vurtego holds 11 Guinness Book world records for things like most consecutive cars jumped in a row, and most consecutive backflips.

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