Zombie Bowling Ball

Posted: September 01, 2012
Zombie Bowling Ball
$88.99 - $167.95
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Remember that Seinfeld line guest star Teri Hatcher delivered to Jerry after Elaine accidentally felt her up in the sauna at the gym? "They're real...and they're magnificent." Well, this Zombie Bowling Ball has at least the real half of the hot-chick's-boobs equation down. Those who helped make the Zombie Head Bowling Balls one of our Top 25 products probably know that, while magnificent, those weighted spherical sporting goods aren't really real...at least not in the sense that you can click three times and buy them. The Original Recipe walking dead balls were created by a German ad agency for promotional purposes, and never mass produced.

But this Zombie Bowling Ball, a DV8 Spare 10-pin orb, exists beyond 2D images on the Internet. In fact, my guess is that the bloody eyeball hanging out of its socket is kind of its sexy brain-eater way of saying, "I'm all yours for one easy payment of $99.99. I'll even let you chuck me down an alley on my head and come right back begging for more."

The Zombie Bowling Ball comes blood splattered, eye severed, mouth ajar, and center heavy in sizes 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16. It has a a polyester coverstock with a high-gloss polish finish. Check out the action shots above of DV8 pro Shannon O'Keefe slinging it at the 2012 Women's U.S. Open in bowling.

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