Star Wars Death Star 1oz Gold Coin

Posted: November 15, 2021
Star Wars Death Star 1oz Gold Coin
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I'd really like one of these Star Wars Death Star 1oz Gold Coins, but I'm pretty sure buying one would be the death of me. Either via superlaser to the face, or fist to the face if my wife found out I spent $2,900 on a Death Star 1oz gold Coin. She-Ra: Princess of Power has sensible spending habits and a mean right hook.

The latter from her extensive training on the Liteboxer boxing machine, which for some reason she considers well worth the $1,500 she spent on it, even though a mere double that amount would get me one of the only 500 pure gold Death Star Coins available the world over.

I guess she has a point, though, when she points out that despite its retail price, the Death Star Coin carries a denomination of just $250. A $2,900 spend for a $250 prize...might be too much of a disparity even for the most rabid of Star Wars fans.

There is a silver lining, though. A literal silver lining if you're looking for a Star Wars gift this year: you can score a Darth Vader 1oz Silver Coin for a fraction of the price.

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