TinyCircuits Thumby Miniature Game Console

Posted: October 26, 2022
TinyCircuits Thumby Miniature Game Console
$26.95 - $29.95
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And you can actually play games on the TinyCircuits Thumby miniature game console! I mean, presuming you remembered your glasses and have hands the size of a toddler's. Or perhaps a certain ex-president's.

The TinyCircuits Thumby series comes pre-loaded with 5 retro games, plus has an open-source code editor so you can make your own, plus use the mini console to create original drawings and animations. A Thumby Link cable (sold separately) allows for multiplayer action, and an included keychain clasp ensures you can take the lil' piece of gamer geekery anywhere.

TinyCircuits uses a Raspberry Pi Pico processor in the Thumby, which also features an OLED display (72 x 40px monochrome), a 4-way D-pad plus 2 action buttons, a Via Piezo speaker, and 2MB of storage. A 40mAh rechargeable LiPo battery affords around 2 hours of play.

Thumby Game Consoles are available in a tiny selection of colors, including a Grey tribute to the OG Game Boy it was obviously modeled after, along with, Clear, Pink, and Teal. Feeling what TinyCircuits is coding? Then check out the brand's Tiny Arcade Machinestoo.

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