Wicked Brick LEGO Display Cases

Posted: March 04, 2022
Wicked Brick LEGO Display Cases
$30 - $280
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You just spent nine...hundred hours putting that master-level LEGO set together, so Wicked Brick figures one of their display cases might be in order to protect and show it off.

From the LEGO Home Alone House to LEGO's Star Wars Sculptural Helmets to the massive 9,090-piece LEGO Titanic, Wicked Brick has an acrylic case kit custom-made to show off your build, and customizable to fit the look you're going for. Available display cases correspond to specific LEGO sets, and can come with or without a display stand, the latter accommodate those who already have one. You also typically have a choice of getting a 360-degree clear case, or one backed with a selection of Wicked Brick printed vinyl background stickers.

Wicked Brick LEGO Display Case Kits slot together for simple assembly.

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