WOWCube Entertainment System

Posted: January 19, 2021
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Rubik's Cube meets pocket player meets 21st century tech in the WOWCube Entertainment System, a 2 x 2 cube-style puzzle whose 24 squares are all active IPS mini displays that play games to the power of 3.

In other words, it's gaming cubed.

WOWCube screens pair with 8 internal microprocessors and an accelerometer to load and run games, the latter enabling the entertainment system's "shake-n-twist" method of activation and gameplay. WOWCube responds to twists, turns, tilts, shakes, and other physical gestures, a design its makers say creates enhanced engagement with its apps. Also promoting a new level of interaction is the WOWCube's 6 faces of displays. With all of them operating at once, players must think in 3 dimensions, as well as move the device farther away from and closer to them to gain different perspectives on the challenge at hand as they try to complete it.

The WOWCube Entertainment System comes with a variety of game styles, including casual, arcade, mazes and puzzles, skill, and edutainment. As for that last one, the Cube has gotten an official nod of approval from STEM.org as an educational device and gift for kids and teens that presumably won't fry their brains and turn them into members of the Idiocracy.

When you're not actively shaking it up, the WOWCube goes into screensaver mode, which can show you custom widgets, display photos and weather, or project the status of its components with Smart Home connectivity.

WOWCube currently has 19 games available for download, but with the system's SDK and open APIs, anyone can create WOWGames and WOWApps, and sell them in the WOWPlayStore.

At printing, WOWCube was accepting paid reservations for the Entertainment System, which they anticipate shipping by the end of 2021.

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