Back Stretcher with Infrared Heating Pad

Posted: October 15, 2021
Infrared Heating Back Stretcher

Whose back is jacked? UTK's adjustable back stretcher comes topped with an infrared heating pad to provide additional muscular release and relaxation as you lengthen your spine, and let loose the cricks from your lumbar region, all the up through your neck and shoulders.

Maybe you're sitting too much, or sitting in less-than-ideal conditions, in your WFH situation (I take up shop in a stool at my kitchen counter, I'm pretty sure my friend Cornelius sits in his bed, legs extended, computer in lap.) Maybe your WFH situation has persuaded you to take up new home projects, or home gym pursuits that have left your body a bit beaten up. Or maybe you just have back, neck, and shoulder tension and pain because at some point in our lives we all get back, neck, and shoulder tension and pain.

I don't know if this UTK back stretcher with infrared heating pad will solve all your posterior problems, but I do know that, for myself, lying on these archy, pointy back thingys feels pretty good, and with winter coming, I don't imagine adding some subtle heat to the process is going to make it feel anything but better. In addition to allowing you to infuse your body with far infrared rays you can set between 103 and 159 degrees F, the heating pad adds some cushioning to the "massage points" protruding from the stretcher itself.

The back stretcher adjusts to 3 different heights - 2.4", 3.5", and 4.4" - based on your back's flexibility and arching needs. You can use the infrared heating back stretcher both while lying down and sitting in a chair or your car seat.

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