R2D2 Water Bottle

Posted: May 29, 2012
R2D2 Water Bottle
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My preparations to defend the Galactic Republic during thrice-weekly light saber sparring sessions in the parking lot under I-5 were working up a wicked thirst. A thirst the water from those plebeian store-bought plastic bottles just couldn't quench. Out of desperation one night, I tried swigging some Vader-endorsed black water. The result: a 911 call, and a hospital bed where I laid having my stomach pumped, still insatiably parched. Nearly mad, I sought counsel from my Giant Talking Chewbacca. And this is what he said:


An R2D2 water bottle. Of course. My beverage required a mystical vessel to serve and inspire me. A shroud that would augment mere hydrogen and oxygen molecules to thirst-annihilating liquid gold. An icon of yesterday's Star Wars to prepare me for battle in the Star Wars of tomorrow!

The R2D2 water bottle is not for children. Mostly because they do not yet possess the intellectual sophistication to truly grasp its magnificence. Also, since it's Japanese, and must travel many thousands of miles to your door, it costs $38 + shipping, and letting children touch it means risking their ruin of it.

Eau de R2D2 is made of plastic, and measures 7.9" tall x 4.7" wide. He holds 375 mL of water, and should you choose, you may carry him like a little purse with his included shoulder strap.

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