RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape

Posted: February 10, 2021
Smart Body Measuring Tape
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The RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape reminds me of the fitness tests I used to have to take each year during elementary school PE. A timed mile run. Pullups. The Sit & Reach box o' flexibility. And the...for lack of knowing what it was really called...the Fat Test. Wherein Coach Kaufman would literally grab a hunk of fat from everyone's calf underarm area, stick it in a pair of tweezy calipers, and record the measurements. Presumably of the fat's thickness.

I think that Fat Test, and all the other fitness tests in the batch, were deemed - to put it mildly - not very sportsmanlike shortly after I graduated from elementary school, but here with the RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape the memories come rushing back. Along with the opportunity to measure precisely hot fat I am once again.

You, though, maybe you've stuck to your New Year's resolutions, and are dropping the lbs like Bryan Cranston drops the mic. Or maybe you're getting bigger, but in all the right ways, in all the right places. Bulging biceps. A strapping chest. Cut shoulders. Beastly quads. Tom Cruise forearms. For the soon-to-be-mamas, even ballooning bellies. For you, the RENPHO Smart Body Measuring Tape could be a supportive and motivating sidekick, rather than a vengeful bully returning from the past.

In addition to automatically capturing and displaying both linear and circumference measurements on its LCD screen, the Smart Body Measuring Tape has fully integrated RENPHO App connectivity to send your stats to storage, and add them to graphs that show your progress over time.

The Smart Body Measuring Tape has a retractable easy-lock hook to facilitate taking your own body measurements without an extra set of hands.

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