The Edge Tub Elite Portable Ice Bath & Hot Tub

Posted: December 29, 2023
The Edge Tub Elite Portable Ice Bath & Hot Tub
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Chill your bones 'til your teeth chatter, and then get hot and sweaty enough to make your head spin, all in the private, portable luxury of the Edge Tub Elite, an inflatable ice bath and hot tub from Edge Theory Labs. The all-in-one soaker comes with a 1HP chiller powerful enough both to cool water down to 37 degrees F, and heat it up to 104 degrees F in around 2-1/2 hours.

Edge Theory Labs also includes an insulated cover and filtration and sanitation system starter pack for the Edge Tub Elite that keep the hose water you'll fill it with clean, free of debris, and ready to use 24/7. A double action hand pump inflates the tub in less than 15 minutes, and its material construction - the same as that used in inflatable paddle boards - is suitable for permanent installation too, so you don't have to deflate it in the unlikely event you won't be cold plunging or hot tubbing on the regular. (Do people still say that anymore, "on the regular?" Well, if not, enjoy the flashback, dudes.)

The Edge Tub Elite comes in standard and XL sizes, the latter for anyone 6'3" and taller. Its chiller needs only a 110V electrical connection for power, and no tools or professionals are required for setup. The chiller is also WIFI-enabled, so you can control temperatures remotely from your smartphone.

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