YogaToes Sport Gel Toe Stretchers

Posted: March 26, 2015
YogaToes Sport Gel Toe Stretchers
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If you can get past the fact that they look like the things ladies wedge between their toes to paint them, YogaToes sport gel toe stretchers could make your life from the ankles down a lot more comfortable. YogaToes spread and separate toes up top, down low, and in the middle, pulling them away from the balls of the feet to create increased flexibility and resilience.

Start wearing YogaToes for 10 to 15 minutes per day, and then gradually build up to an hour to help fight bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other sources of foot pain. Athletes can also benefit from using YogaToes to "awaken" the extremities of their feet. Stretched toes gain additional mobility, which enhances agility and balance and reduces post-workout recovery time.

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