AquaBLAST Underwater Punching Bag

Posted: March 06, 2022
AquaBLAST Underwater Punching Bag
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It seems to me the AquaBLAST Underwater Punching Bag is what boxing would be like in one of my nightmares where I can only move and do stuff in slow motion. In other words: Not. Cool.

But, hey, if you're into waking nightmares...or, like, have bad joints, and just don't want the full impact of jab-cross-jab-hooking a heavy bag on land, maybe a few rounds in the swimming pool with the AquaBLAST is worth it to you.

The AquaBLAST punching bag is made to submerge in a pool or swim-spa 3-1/2' to 5' deep. The bag itself is also filled with water to make getting it in and out of the water a little easier (i.e., you can fill and then empty it right in the pool.) Total setup time shouldn't take more than 60 seconds, and since the AquaBLAST collapses down to an empty 5-pound bag that fits in a stuff sack, you can take it with you anywhere you have suitable body of water to throw punches and kicks in.

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