Canadian Spa Company 16' St. Lawrence Swim Spa

Posted: April 08, 2020
Canadian Spa Company 16' St. Lawrence Swim Spa
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Canadian Spa Company's 16' St. Lawrence Swim Spa is large enough to fit 17 people, but ain't no way that's happening anytime soon. Of course, neither is a thrice-weekly lap swim at the gym. Or an early-bird water workout at the community swimming pool when it doesn't open for the summer the day after Memorial Day. So while social distancing forces the Canadian Spa Company 16' St. Lawrence Swim Spa to taketh away as a soaking tub hangout, it allows it to giveth as a 1-lane, 1-person, current-driven lap pool.

The St. Lawrence Swim Spa uses a Swim Lane System unique to the Canadian Spa Company, consisting of 3 resistance jets and 2 profile-aligning jets. The system both creates the resistance that allows swimmers to stroke normally without advancing (like a swimming treadmill) and lets them customize the waterflow to their own swim pattern, so they stay centered even when differences in side strength might otherwise pull them to one side or the other.

When a post-swim massage or general relaxation are in order, the St. Lawrence Swim Spa offers up 6 x multi-jet seats, plus one lounger, and a total of 72 adjustable stainless steel hydromassage jets. Also built into the Swim Spa are multi-colored LED lighting, 2 x backlit cascading waterfalls, a digital audio system, pop-up LED speakers, an ozone generator, and a built-in aromatherapy canister.

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