ClimbStation Climbing Wall Treadmill

Posted: October 06, 2019

Uh, is the ClimbStation climbing wall treadmill a sporting good or a nightmare? A fun way to stay fit and simulate rock climbing indoors, or the conveyor belt of vertical horror in the REM sleep I can't wake up from?

Guess it depends on whether you're and athlete or a mathlete. Or just someone like me, whose brain hates him and just sits in wait all day to take its revenge while he's passed out at night.

The ClimbStation K.E.R.S.- that's Kinetic Energy Recovery System - is a climbing wall built like a treadmill stood on its end, with an array of climbing holds that revolve around its outer surface, and a support base topped with a soft mat to catch you safely as you realize you're not cut out for rock climbing.

Don't worry, if you're slow on the uptake, the ClimbStation has 10 different pre-set difficulty levels to help convince you. Even the climber's makers say, "It is a perfect functional full-body workout and fun activity for the spectators" [emphasis mine]. If the latter is true, it clearly means we're all in for some good falls.

The difficulty level selections associated the ClimbStation K.E.R.S. will adjust both the wall's revolution speed, up to 25 meters (82') per minute, and its angle off the floor, from -15 to 45 degrees. Also, the K.E.R.S. model has an adaptive speed control, which adjusts according to the weight and speed of the climber.

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