Fusion Motion Portable Gym

Posted: May 10, 2020
Fusion Motion Portable Gym
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The Fusion Motion Portable Gym promises "gym-quality results anywhere." Enticing! Well, for most of us. The ones who used to go to the gym and sit on the recumbent bike for an hour while dicking around on Reddit and Instagram will probably be disappointed to find the Fusion Motion Portable Gym does not leave their hands free to touch-type, plus makes them sweat, breathe hard, and burn in their muscles, thereby delivering a decidedly non-gym-quality workout.

The Fusion Motion Portable Gym is an ultra-compact full-body workout option for people who don't have the cash or space for a complete home gym, or just don't want their home gym on display when they're not using it. Consisting of a 2-piece folding base, a pair of resistance bands, and 6 swappable attachments, the mini gym adjusts into stations for training every major muscle group. Fusion Motion also notes they've built the system "like a tank," with integrated structural steel bars to accommodate heavy resistance bands, and more intense workouts.

When you want to take your training session outside or along during travels the Fusion Motion Portable Gym collapses and fits into a single beach-style carry bag.

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