HYPERBELL - Turn Your Dumbbells Into a Full Home Gym

Posted: May 21, 2021
$49 - $159
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HYPERBELL knows the home gym I've spent the last year-and-a-half building isn't going anywhere, regardless of when and whether I can go back to group fitness facilities. But, at least according to my wife, we need to reclaim some of the space currently occupied by my "impulse fitness buys." HYPERBELL, in its claim to turn your dumbbells into a full gym, endeavors to do just that.

Or if you haven't gone QVC bananas buying random gear and equipment like I have, perhaps it's for reasons other than you don't want all the essential equipment for a complete home gym at your disposal. The cost. The space. The ability to show restraint. HYPERBELL can lift - and bench, and curl, and squat, and swing - that weight off your shoulders too.

HYPERBELL is a 3-in-1 dumbbell converter that transforms most brands of dumbbells into a kettlebell, a 40" barbell, or a mace. With a clamp and collar made of polycarbonate, and a bar made of high-end steel, the HYPERBELL kettlebell can lock down and maneuver up to 100 pounds, and the bar up to 200 pounds.

A complete HYPERBELL bundle comes with the bar, the kettlebell handle, and 3 HYPERBELL clamps for securing dumbbells. The kettlebell handle rotates and locks into a perpendicular or parallel position. Using the bar with just one clamp and attached dumbbell turns it into a macebell, completing the system's hat trick of tricks.

You can learn more about the HYPERBELL system and pledge for one of your own here on Kickstarter through June 17, 2021.

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