OODA Ball Free Weight Punching Bag

Posted: February 13, 2022
OODA Ball Free Weight Punching Bag
$86 - $94
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Oooo, da ball's flyin' back at my face. Better punch it again or it's gonna fall! The OODA Ball combines the weight of a medicine ball, with the tactile sensation of a boxing bag, with the bounceback-right-at-your-kisser of a Boxaball. The result: a 1.5-pound free weight punching bag you can pound against the wall or floor to challenge the hell out of your whole body, and Tyson-up your speed, power, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and endurance.

"OODA" stands for "Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act," responses the bounceable punching ball's makers say each knock of it will require. Without a tether to the ceiling or stand, the OODA Ball's movement isn't so reliable; if you hit it all wonky, it's going to come back at you with equal wonkiness. And even bulls-eye hits might change trajectory on the way back if the surface the OODA strikes is imperfect, constantly forcing you to stay on your toes, engage your core, and move your entire body to keep the ball in the air, and get the next punch.

The OODA Ball is made to optimize weight, speed, and density. Beyond the 8" diameter external shell (an eco-friendly PU leather material) it has a mantle, outer core, and inner core. These pieces are OODA's super secret proprietary design, consisting of layers of polyurethane gel and foams of different densities.

In addition to boxing-style training and exercises, the OODA Ball will come with signature upper, lower, and full body exercises that make it a functional fitness tool for any type of dynamic training. You can read more about the free weight punching bag on Kickstarter, and pledge for an OODA Ball of your own through March 14, 2022.

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