Steelhose 5-in-1 Flexible Free Weights

Posted: December 30, 2023
Steelhose 5-in-1 Flexible Free Weights
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The name "Steelhose" is literal. These 5-in-1 flexible free weights from FitFighter are lengths of real fire hose filled with steel shot. Use them regularly in your exercise routine - or join FitFighter's fitness app and stream their live and libraried workouts - and the name "Steelhose" could become figurative for you too. Consistent sessions with the combo dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, and sledgehammers will leave you feeling completely hosed, and hard as steel.

Soft, easy to grip, and virtually indestructible, Steelhose weights are game for lifting, swinging, dragging, throwing, and slamming. The steel shot filler flows freely inside the firehose, so their feel during use is similar to sand weights. Individual Steelhose units come in 5- to 50-pound sizes, with the 5- and 10-pound hose designated specifically for mobility and endurance exercises, the middle range of 15 to 30 pounds volume and power reps, and the high end, 35 pounds and up, heavyweight lifting.

FitFighter founder and Steelhose creator, Sarah Apgar, is a veteran who joined her local volunteer fire department when she left the Army. She based the brand and the Steelhose product line on drills she and her fellow firefighters developed in the firehouse gym and truck bay to help them train for rescue operations. Steelhose flexible free weights are assembled in New York.

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