Wellness Walking Cushion

Posted: July 04, 2023
Wellness Walking Cushion
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Who likes to walk in the sand? Who likes the idea, but not the look, of a treadmill? And most of all, who likes high-knee marching in place? Yeah, that last one is a real narrower of the field, huh? Well, for the 11 of you still eagerly awaiting what I'm going to say next, here it is: then grab yourself a Wellness Walking Cushion, and simulate the feeling, and benefits, of walking on the beach from your own living room!

The Wellness Walking Cushion claims to combine the health benefits of a stepper with the functionality of a floor cushion and the aesthetic appeal of a decorative object. It's a 27.6" x 3.9" disc stuffed with low-resilience polyurethane foam primed for a barefoot march. The foam is the kind that won't bounce up immediately after each step, which its sellers say gives the sensation of walking through sand during Wellness Walking Cushion use. And if you want a workout that consists of more than 30-minute pillow stomp, you can also use the Wellness Walking Cushion in your yoga practice and for plank and other ab exercises too.

When not marching your way towards peak physical fitness, the Wellness Walking Cushion's middle fold makes it easy to halve for storage, or use in multiple ways as a back support or floor chair. It comes in 3 colors, wood, white marble, and dark navy.

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