Wing Chun Kung Fu Training Ring

Posted: April 15, 2020
Wing Chun Kung Fu Training Ring
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If everybody wants to have fun tonight, everybody should Wing Chun tonight. Don't know how to Wing Chun? I can help you learn! Haha, sike. I can hardly punch the buttons on my building's elevator without missing a couple times. We're both better off getting one of these Wing Chun Training Rings, and heading over to the kung fu section of YouTube.

A traditional style of Southern Chinese kung fu, the Wing Chun discipline focuses on quick arm movements and powerful kicks, wielded all chill and nonchalant, like you're just filling your gas tank or taking some cash out of the ATM rather than pounding the chow mein out of an opponent or attacker.

The 8.26" stainless steel Wing Chun Training Ring helps hone the kung fu students' skills, teaching them to keep their hands properly linked during combat. It also helps man up soft and fleshy forearms.

Fun fact: according to Wing Chun legend, the branch of kung fu was created by a lady, Abbess Ng Mui. She developed it to help her student Yim Wing-chun use a soft, flexible, unassuming martial art to fend off unwanted advances from d-bags.

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