Beefed-Up Butter

Posted: June 27, 2018
Beefed Up Butter
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Beefed-Up Butter comes from the online store of Maple & Ash, a Chicago-based steakhouse previously known for its modern wood-fired dishes. Now though Maple & Ash might become better known for the slathering of spreadable beef you'll - or at least I'll - be adding to morning bagels.

Beefed-Up Butter starts as churned milk made in the old-world European style, and I have no clue what the Land o' Lakes that means, but I'm guessing it's nice and fat and creamy from the start. Then it gets nicer and fatter and creamier with Maple & Ash's addition of beef jus, a concoction of actual beef drippings, plus red wine, garlic, and herbs.

In addition to the humble bagel, Maple & Ash recommends dolloping a nugget (or dumping a wad) of Beefed-Up Butter into your potatoes during mashing, green beans during sauteeing, and, of course, steak during inhaling.

Not doing the dairy these days? Satisfy your spreadable meat tooth with Skillet's Bacon Jam.

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