Addition Beer Sauce - Beer-Enhancing Savory Bitters

Posted: February 09, 2021
Addition Beer Sauce - Beer-Enhancing Savory Bitters
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Uh-oh, did you drink your last microbrew or large format Belgian import? Now all that's left in the fridge is Rolling Rock and Michelob Ultra? It's cool, dude. When life makes you beer bitter, grab some beer bitters.

Addition Beer Sauce is a bitters-style mixer made specifically for beer, to bring complexity, flavor, and some heat to your lackluster lagers and ales, and to "turn a normal beer into something special!"

Beer Sauce comes in 3 flavors: Original, Smokey, and Extra Spicy. Original combines florals with aromatics to flesh out light beers, and add a slight kick with a flavor profile of chili pepper, peppercorn, and a secret spice blend. Spicy turns the slick kick into a hefty one, with the same profile as Original, but a higher concentration of chili peppers. Smokey Beer Sauce Bitters follows its name, and adds some body, structure, and campfire to your brews.

Small Business Shoutout

Addition began as a startup from Seattle-based boys Eric Salenski and Matt Hemeyer, who still run their operation out of Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. There Addition handcrafts and bottles all of their bitter offerings - both the Beer Sauce and their better-known Cocktail Spice line.

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