Party-Ready Jello Shots

Posted: March 08, 2020
Party Ready Jello Shots

Do you have a Shotty mouth? Do you want to? These party-ready Jello shots might not get your mama's stamp of approval, but serve them to your friends at the pool, in the backyard, or at your next rager, and they'll probably get big, slurping tongues up from everyone else.

Just don't forget the White Claw too though, 'eh? Ladies be lovin' them some White Claw.

While Shottys doesn't currently sell their premade 8-packs of party-ready Jello shots online, you can find the spring break essentials at retailers like ABC, Costco, HyVee, and Albertsons in over a dozen states, with more to come. Each Shotty cup is a gelatinized 50ml, filled with a mix of 6 times distilled vodka, and the company's "secret recipe" of sugar and jiggly stuff. Choose from strawberry, lemon, lime, orange, and blue raspberry flavors.

To maximize your Shottys enjoyment, store them in the fridge or a cooler like you would your standard Jello shots. You can also chill them in the freezer to get them party-ready faster.

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