Sober Up Detoxification Enhancer

Posted: March 09, 2013
Sober Up Detoxification Enhancer
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I sure hope my balance, mental clarity, and liver are enjoying themselves right now because my rippin' headache has yet to feel the benefits of Sober Up, the detoxification enhancer I just chugged like Kool-Aid. I know of two things guaranteed to make you feel like OD'ing on ibuprofen a few hours after consumption: spiced rum and live coverage of a political event hosted by Nancy Grace. At least with Sober Up I know the effects of the former are only temporary.

Sober Up, a shot-sized beverage with a neoteric vitamin and mineral infusion, endeavors to reduce the negative impact of toxins, restore mental clarity, promote liver health, and naturally detoxify the body. It's packaged in a .75-oz metal tube packed with Eastern herbs and "Western beverage technology". I think that last part is code for, "Won't make you feel like vomiting any more than you already do." Having tried Sober Up as part of a focus group containing two drunk people, I can vouch for these assessments. It tastes a little like Ricola cough drops dipped in soy sauce--presumably the flavor profile of its Asian voodoo plants--but goes down pretty easily, particularly when mixed with water or Bombay Sapphire.

I joke, I joke.

Sober Up contains 11 all-natural calories, and has no preservatives, food colorings, or caffeine.

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