33-Pound Gummy Hot Dog

Posted: August 24, 2018
33-Pound Gummy Hot Dog
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It's hot dog, but also...not hot dog! Created by The Gummy Bear Guy, this next in a well-established line of supersized gummy products (see also: gummy skull, gummy snake) out-sizes them all at a formidable 33 pounds. The Gummy Hot Dog should be the new winner's trophy at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Or maybe the new hot dog contestants have to eat.

Ugh, give me unidentified processed pork parts over 33 pounds of high fructose corn syrup any day.

The kiddos, though, will love this novelty gift of gummy splendor. If you want to go down in history for the most badass 8th birthday party, or epic 5th grade Halloween party, put on a game of 33-pound gummy hot dog munching instead of apple bobbing or pinata whacking. Gnawing away at a pile of pure gelatinous sugar is way more fun than baptizing yourself for health food, and much safer than swinging sticks with reckless abandon while dizzy and blindfolded.

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