Blue Cheese Lollipops

Posted: October 02, 2019
Blue Cheese Lollipops
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Should I have filed Blue Cheese Lollipops under the Gross instead of the Candy category? I guess it depends on how you feel about blue cheese. And lollipops. About mixing sweet and savory. About stinky suckers. About the equivalent of sucking on an entire barnyard after a sugar snow.

I mean, all things considered, I think I chose right. It's candy. I'm in.

Ha! Sike!

According to Blue Cheese Lollipop maker Lollyphile, this sucker started out as a joke. And even once executed no one want to try it. The honor went to Maria, the poor model in the photos above. Lollyphile says she said, "Oh! It's awesome!" and that they figured she was lying. I bet they're all lying.

I bet Blue Cheese Lollipops don't even exist. Lollyphile probably just Photoshopped the photos of their delicious Bourbon or Frosted Cereal Milk lollis into the queasy-making cotton candy blue and white swirl of Roquefort you see here, figuring they'd draw attention, but that no one would ever actually try to order any.

If you want to call their bluff, Lollyphile allegedly sells the Blue Cheese Lollipops in packs of 4, 12, or 36. And if they do indeed arrive, there is a bright side: a fat pack of the cheesy stick candies would make a great (and literal!) gag gift for the office, or this year's trick-or-treaters and Halloween party.

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