Loloz - Cavity-Fighting Lollipops

Posted: June 30, 2016
Loloz - Cavity-Fighting Lollipops

Oh good, now all the Kandi Kids kids can practice responsible oral hygiene when they're high on Molly at the EDM festivals this summer. Your own little ones might love them some brightly-colored, fruity-flavored Loloz too. Just make sure they don't fall under the impression that all lollipops--or all candies and sweets in general--have miraculously been blessed with cavity-fighting powers. Even the genies, leprechauns, and fairy godmothers that came together to form Loloz have their limits.

In addition to filling their lollipops with natural, non-GMO, sugarless ingredients that won't try to burrow into your teeth, Loloz incorporate an extract called Cavibloc to actually reduce the amount of decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. Cavibloc was developed by a UCLA School of Dentistry researcher and a biotech firm to fight cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. In clinical trials, Loloz says Cavibloc was shown to kill 99.9% of oral bacteria when used twice a day for 10 days.

Yep. That means when your kid asks for a lollipop after lunch you have to say yes. And when s/he asks again after dinner, you have to say yes then too. Geez, Loloz may be improving oral health, but they're sure undermining your authority as a parent.

Loloz lollipops have 10 calories each, with ingredients including isomalt syrup, Stevia, and natural flavors in addition to the Cavibloc. They come in Berry, Orange, and Lemon. They also come in throat lozenge form for the party poopers who don't like sucking things off a stick.

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