Martin's Chocolatier Luxury Chocolate Planets

Posted: April 27, 2021
Martins Chocolatier Luxury Chocolate Planets
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At first I saw this box of Chocolate Planets and was like, "1-2-3-4...9! Martin's Chocolatier didn't diss Pluto in their presentation of our solar system in luxury confection form!" But then I read the Chocolate Planet description: "A Heavenly Selection Of Expertly Handmade Out Of This World Chocolate Planets + A Star (The Sun)." The 9th chocolate is the Sun. Pluto gets the shaft again.

So do the rest of us, considering the Sun Chocolate is filled with orange cream. Blech, does anyone really like the pairing of chocolate and orange? Each intergalactic planetary chocolate has its own unique filling, such as Mercury's Chili-Cherry Ganache, Mars' Caramel Salt, and Neptune's Toffee Caramel. They all sound pretty tasty, with the exception of the aforementioned Sun, and the Uranus Chocolate. The latter is filled with Blueberry Ganache, a combo that definitely sounds like it came out of Uranus.

Martin's Chocolatier Luxury Chocolate Planets come gift-ready in a nice display box, arranged in order from the Sun to Neptune / farthest from the Sun.

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