Sugar Lab 3D-Printed Candy

Posted: July 31, 2014
Sugar Lab 3D-Printed Candy
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Oh boy, edible geometry. But in order to eat one of Sugar Lab's 3D-printed sour or peppermint candies, you must first be able to answer multiple choice questions about what the cube with the sphere at its right side and the...what's that, a dodecagon?...sitting on top of it would look like if structure were rotated 90 degrees clockwise and flipped vertically. Ah, candy and math. When love and hate collide.

The 3D-printed candies, made by Sugar Lab and sold through 3D printing hub Cubify, come in blended neon colors with a sour apple flavor, or all white and infused with peppermint. I think eating them would probably taste exactly like gnawing on a sugar cube, which is just fine with me.

3D-printed candy is a top Dude Gift for a Kid pick.

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