Miller High Life x Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream Dive Bar

Posted: August 19, 2022
Miller High Life x Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream Dive Bar
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It's the 100th anniversary of dive bars! No, wait, it's the 100th anniversary of Miller High Life, No...no that's not it. Hold please. ... Ah! It's the 100th anniversary of ice cream bars! However, dive bars, and apparently Hiller High Life, are popular again, so the enterprising folks at Tipsy Scoop and Miller decided to make a Miller High Life x Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream Dive Bar in celebration of all three!

Ice Cream Dive Bars combine premium vanilla ice cream, real Miller High Life - 5% ABV, 21+ only amounts of it - and "the immediate smell of history," with 5 flavors and add-ins Tipsy Scoop hopes will remind you of your favorite dive. They include:

  • A peanut swirl commemorating the quintessential dive bar food menu of "bowl of peanuts."
  • A hint of tobacco smoke flavor to capture the odiferous scent that washes over all dive bar patrons when they enter, and clings to them like toilet paper to a shoe once they leave.
  • A gooey caramel swirl to call up the sensation of walking across a sticky sticky dive bar floor.
  • A sprinkle of carbonated candy to cap off the Miller High Life experience - you'll enjoy the bubbly sensation of sipping the Champagne of Beers in every bite.
  • A dark chocolate magic shell enveloping the whole ice cream bar, as dim lighting that complements beer goggles, and makes you think everyone in the place is hot, envelops all the best dive bars.

As strange as this Ice Cream Dive Bar sounds, it is also very clever. If Tipsy Scoop has put as much effort into the actual ingredients and execution of this beer gift as they have the idea and description, all I can say is: I'd lick that.

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