Kosmos Q Wing Dust Seasonings

Posted: May 01, 2023
Kosmos Q Wing Dust Seasonings
$14.20 - $14.95
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It's like fairy dust for foodies. Kosmos Q Wing Dust comes in almost a dozen different flavors, and while you may think its name deems it no more than a seasoning for chicken wings, I think that's more of a reference to the wings of the aforementioned fairies that flutter about in the land of Kosmos Q to make it. Yes, you can sprinkle this toothsome dust over your chicken wings post-frying, but you can also toss it into your popcorn post-popping. Or vegetables post-roasting. Or eggs post-scrambling. Pulled pork, taco meat, cole slaw, and meatless Mondays when your wife makes you eat heartbreakingly bland tofu are all canvases ready to be dusted with some Kosmos Q too.

The seasonings range from sweet & punchy (Honey BBQ) to sharp & puckery (Salt & Vinegar, Chili Lime) to spicy & palate-searing (Ghost Pepper, Seven Pepper Face Lift). They are sold individually in 5-ounce resealable bags, or as an 11-strong variety pack.

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